What it is:
The ЩĄ Token system is designed to reward players while they are on our servers. The servers include any that VIP players have access to, which are Servers #2 (Main server) #1 and #4 along with the two Achievement servers. Tokens are earned by time played on the Payload server also but no !shop usage. (We may add more servers depending on the need which we hope will happen!). You can find the IP# to any of these servers listed on our webpage - WickedAfterlife.com or steam group pages along with using the !hop feature. The idea here is simple, you stay on our servers you get rewarded!!! We love running raffles but sometimes we just can't fund enough of them or have enough players to run any. So we feel as if you should get some sort of reward for hanging out and just enjoying the company of us and other players.
ЩĄ Chat Commands for ЩĄ Token Use:
!tokens will display what you have
!givetokens [name] [amount] will give or trade another person that amount of tokens
!shop or brings up the ingame Buffs or a few VIP perks
!tokens [name] show what another person has
What you get:
ЩĄ Tokens are awarded every 30 Minutes of play time you accumulate on any of the participating servers. For every 30 Minutes of active game play(not idle or spectator) you'll get 20 Tokens.
A timer will calculate when your next milestone will occur. The idea here is for players to be active in our servers not just sitting doing nothing.
AFK Manager will shift you to Spectator after 5 minutes of inactivity. You will get those 5 minutes counted but any time in spectator will not count towards the 15 Minute milestone.

Admins and Mods will also be holding raffles for ЩĄ Tokens for extra fun! (you can see a list of Admins and Mods by typing !admins). Please remember all !raffles rules and policies still play into effect for this so please don't bug them about ЩĄ Tokens or Raffles.
Be sure to please read about how our raffles work by typing !raffles.
Other ways to accumulate ЩĄ Tokens:
We modeled this whole system after the way Valve awards players for play time in game as well as a unique trading system. You can trade or give other players ЩĄ Tokens for whatever reason much like the black market has developed for Mann Co Keys and items sold via Paypal or other things in the real world. You can for example- trade ЩĄ Tokens for Steam/TeamFortress 2 items just like you would anything else. Also added is the new Bonus Award to the sysem which gives a random player at various times a certain amount of ЩĄ Tokens. No matter how many are in the server active it is still only a 1 in 250 chance at certain periods that someone will be picked to get the bonus.

Example: Player A trades Player B - 130 ЩĄ Tokens for 1 Reclaimed metal. To accomplish this you would need to use the /givetokens [NAME] then follow thru with the normal trade thru steam.

We have no intentions on trying to police this activity or will we have any hand in setting any certain amount of ЩĄ Tokens for any items. You trade for what you think the other item(s) is worth and so on that is how the trade system is supposed to work. We log all ЩĄ Token trades on the servers so we will know who got what amount from which person all tagged via SteamID/date/time/server. Standard No Scamming policy applies to this and we have -0- Tolerance for it so we will investigate and we will apply ЩĄ Scammer tags to all your accounts thru SteamRep if found guilty of abuse of this.

What uses are ЩĄ Tokens:
Now here is the awesome part of the ЩĄ Token system! You can use ЩĄ Tokens for internal server "Buffs" or several things that you would get from being a VIP on our servers but for a limited time.

This list is as follows:
Effect Duration
ЩĄ Tokens
Enabled Crits 15 50
Enabled Speed Increase 80 20
Enable Health Buff Standard Medic Buff 25
Enabled No-Clip(Only on #1 and Ach#1/#2) 20 125
Enabled Unlimited Ammo 40 45
Enabled ProjectileBounce 80 35
Enabled SentryImmunity 60 50
Enabled Bumper Car 180 50
Enabled Player Trails 60 30
Enabled Ghost 30 50

The biggest reward of ЩĄ Tokens is FREE VIP!!
5000 ЩĄ Tokens will get you time as VIP on our servers depending on VIP level you choose..
If you really enjoy these perks then it is better to become a full VIP on our servers! View info here !donate.
The above amounts/times are subject to change at any time!
We reserve the right to add/remove ЩĄ Tokens based on evidence of manipulation of any kind.
We also reserve the right to restrict any users from accumulating ЩĄ Tokens if they are found to be abusing the system in anyway.
ЩĄ Tokens are restricted and owned by WickedAfterlife Servers and are not usable with any other system, group or game.
Please do not ask Moderators or Administrators for ЩĄ Tokens at any time as these functions are logged and controlled to the upmost extent of our services!!!

We will continue to come up with creative ways to use the ЩĄ Token system and other exciting new things on our servers all the time so be sure to stick around and join our group so you don't miss anything!

Revision : 12/30/2015