How Too Enter Raffle:

RAFFLES ARE ONLY RUN BY ADMINS, MODS, SubMODS or Promoters ON OUR SERVERS!! If you have someone that is trying to run a raffle on our servers other than someone listed on our !admins list then they are not only breaking one of our rules but could be attempting a scam!!


When a raffle event is posted, the first 23 people to reserve a spot by giving the required buy-in before the event will be entered into the raffle. The buy-in amount will appear in a box on your screen along with an Admin name to trade you’re buy-in to. You DO NOT have to be present in the server at the time of the raffle to WIN! The reason for the raffle setup in this way is to ensure those that may crash or can't be present have a chance at some of the better raffles. There is a special area on the server we have for the raffles to show you are ready that has little purple glowing circles – please stand on one, light it up to show you are ready!!

The raffle plug-in is designed to randomly pick a winner – this is done by the server/computer once the raffle is started.

We do require at the moment you be present on the server to enter the raffle.


Please keep in mind that it takes time to get everyone that wishes to join the Raffle traded from and entered!!

The longer you sit in trade and ask questions, chat, or switch items - whatever the longer it takes for us to run it and that just gets annoying anyway.


Also for this reason DO NOT constantly bug the Admin/Mod running the Raffle with “When Raffle Starting?” questions over and over – this takes up time when we have to stop and answer these questions. –IMPORTANT—the recent changes to the steam trading and no longer having in-game trading now causes the raffles to take MUCH LONGER than before so they take a good bit of time now to run!!!


Normally we can start a raffle and have it run within 15-20mins –this should give everyone plenty of time to enter and us plenty of time to enter you!


Lastly, we ask that you refrain from asking to double enter upon you’re first entry – if we have spots open or don’t have any more wishing to enter (slow period) then we may ask if anyone would like to double enter. Upon doing this you will be given a name of a player not entered to take up that slot since it’s required by the script to give a player an assigned number to be picked by the Server/Computer. We will announce it in chat to whoever is double entered on whoevers name for logging purposes before raffle is run.


Example Video of Raffle when ran:


Types of Raffles:

Typical Raffles held daily are "Winner Take All"

This pretty much means everyone enters the raffle with the required BUY-IN amount such as a (weapons, metal, crates and so on) and the winner of these types of raffles will get everything entered – with a single entry going to a TAX if it gets over 10 participants!!

Most raffles are held during the evenings after 8pm EST when the server is more likely to be full, if server is semi full during the day and an Admin/Mod is present we may hold one then.

Raffle Logs:

All raffles are logged for the time they take place, the users entered, and the winner of the raffle. If you wish to see the logs at any time for any reason please ask an Admin and give him/her a date and time of the raffle in question along with a valid email to send log to.


Raffle Winning:

If you win the raffle and for some odd reason you get disconnected, crash or whatever the reason is you can’t claim you’re prize, we will hold the prize for 3 days from the same rounded up to hour that you won. Example: You win a hat on 6/10/2015 @ 7:48PM EST – You have till 6/13/2015 @ 8PM EST to claim it or it will be put up for raffle again – You have several ways to claim it by contacting one of the admins listed in !Admins.

We can sometimes watch for you but we won’t be searching steam for you – YOU are responsible for claiming prize if you enter and win!!


Please do not ask Admins/Mods/Promoters to hold raffles for your items!!

We will monitor what is being advertised and may contact you about doing a raffle for your item. These items will need to be high priced at 2 Refined in value or more.

Any item raffled off with a take of over 2 refined in metal will be taxed one buy-in as stated above.

Please Remember this server isn’t you’re private Ebay!

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Revised: 3/21/2015