Donator Information:

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We are always accepting donations for the Trade/Achievement Servers only!  We are working on and testing different fun things to do while you trade and hang out so be patient. These donations not only give you something to enjoy while on our servers, but also helps support the servers in many ways! So, if you really enjoy our servers please consider donating! Most of what we run for our VIP’s is custom made, you will not find these abilities or the customized menu features from any other server or group!!!




Donator Q&A

Q: How do I get donator status?


A: You must contact ЩĄ | Horse via Steam or thru our group page which you can join our group by using !group. Please be sure to add to Steam in order to start the addition process! As of now we don’t use a bot system since we prefer a more personal touch, plus we like to make sure there are no problems before giving such commands to users. We require you read this whole page and then will be required to read/submit a legal document digital signed and IP#/SteamID stamped by you stating you do agree to these conditions. The location for such form will be given once we confirm you’ve read this page – Please do not go on your own to submit a form if you are renewing as they are time/date stamped!!


We have Promoters that will be on the servers usually to run our events, answer questions, help with understanding features for our servers so feel free to ask any of them to help you at any time.


VERY IMPORTANT: Do NOT give keys/metal/hats/tokens to any one talking to you about becoming a donator unless they are listed on the !admins list – we have many ЩĄ members that visit the trade servers but they are not authorized to set this up. It is very possible for a scammer to use those symbols to try to fool you so please make sure you are trading/talking to the real Admins listed on the !admins list. Simple solution is to just add Horse with the link above as it goes right to the profile. If Horse does not respond just be patient – he is always online unless late late night.


Q: Can I become an Admin after being a Donator for a while?


A: No, we are not accepting more Admins at this time or in the near future – sorry! We are however accepting Promoter applications. More information regarding this is to type !promoter while in one of our servers or visit this LINK.


Q: How much does donator status cost?


A: Donator status consists of 3 Tiers of VIP ie: [ProVIP], [PlusVIP] and [BaseVIP].  Each stage of VIP gets various amounts of features and requires a certain amount for donation.


·        [ProVIP] – Top VIP status which gets everything both [PlusVIP] and [BaseVIP] receive plus Noclip, Grapple Hook, Sentry Immunity, Be a Ghost, and access to all the Taunts!


·        [PlusVIP] – 2nd Tier VIP status gets everything basic VIP’s have access to plus Unlimited ammo, Bouncing Projectiles, Budda/God mode, Speed Adjust, Weapon Effects, Sapper Immunity, Resize Body Parts and Body Color Changing!


·        [BaseVIP] -  3rd Tier VIP status gets the following: Bumper Car access, Laser Pen, Adjust Taunt Speeds, Body Glow, Glowing trails and Beam, Timebomb toggle, Spawn Balls, Gravity Change, Rainbow Chat, Pryo Jetpack, Building Color changing!



The donations required for each VIP Tier for 1 calendar month (ie: Jan 1st to Feb 1st) is as follows:


·        [ProVIP] – (1) Mann Co Keys for 1 Month  OR – you can do multiple months 3 or 5 as noted below.  You can do this with a simple Verified PayPal Transaction of $6 for 3Months or $10 for 5Months. We are NOT offering lower Tiers with Paypal transactions.  You can also use 5000 ЩĄTokens to get a full week of [ProVIP] status.


·        [PlusVIP] – 9 Refined Metal (PURE) or 6 Craftable hats/miscs (Must be craftable, no Halloween event only wearables – Craftable as defined by Valve to be able to craft together and re-fabricate into another hat). Must use one way or the other, can’t combine to mix either. You can also use 5000 ЩĄTokens to get two(2) full weeks of [PlusVIP] status.


·        [BaseVIP] – 6 Refined Metal (PURE) or 4 Craftable hats/miscs (Must be craftable, no Halloween event only wearables – Craftable as defined by Valve to be able to craft together and re-fabricate into another hat). Must use one way or the other, can’t combine to mix either. You can also use 5000 ЩĄTokens to get three(3) full weeks of [BaseVIP] status.


You have 72 hours to upgrade from [BaseVIP] to [PlusVIP] by offsetting the difference from one to the other. You can upgrade to [ProVIP] at any time however it requires 1 Pure Mann Co Key which will reset for a new month of VIP. Any remaining amount of days will be cut in half and added to the full month.

Example: You have 15 days left of [PlusVIP] or [BaseVIP] when upgrading to [ProVIP], at which we will cut it down to 8 days rounding up which will be added on to the end of the expired date.

Once 72 hours has expired you can NOT upgrade from [BaseVIP] to [PlusVIP] – but you can upgrade from either of those to [ProVIP]. The main reason for this is if we are going to go thru the trouble of changing you around it needs to be worth it.

ЩĄTokens used to get any lower Tier VIP status must wait out the term before upgrading using the methods above or full renew using ЩĄTokens again.



Please contact Horse thru the link above to set this up, if Horse is unavailable (give time to respond) please contact TraceofCakes or Kaz thru the steam link off !admins.

Of course all donations will require our agreement form to be processed that you agree to all terms and conditions before getting VIP. See !watokens for more info on how to use the ЩĄToken System.


Q: What information do you need to setup donator status?


A: All we need is your Steam ID!  (We can normally get this ourselves from the logs or servers but is easier if you find it yourself and apply it to the form noted below).  After you trade the keys you will be given another page to open that has a service agreement that MUST be filled out and filled out correctly in order to finish the donator process – please follow directions!


Q: What servers can I use my VIP status?


A: Well there are two different types of VIP status – this VIP which is explained on this page is for our Trade/Achievement Servers only.

Trade #1, Trade #2(main server) and Trade #4 along with Achievement #1 and Achievement #2 – IP#’s and information can be obtained on the front page of our website.


Q: How do I get my Steam ID?


A: (If your console isn't enabled, hit ESC then OPTIONS at the bottom then click Advanced, and make sure "Enable Developer Console" is checked).  Now, go into a game server and open your console and type status, highlight and copy your Steam ID that appears.  Example: "TF2User" U:1:234567890 or STEAM:_0:1:12345677. You can also find your SteamID by typing !rep YOUR NAME in chat which will bring up the steamrep page as it is listed there too.


Q: How long does it take to get donator status after donating?


A: This usually takes a few seconds to a few moments after we get the key from you. We do this on a more personal touch so we can explain certain things rather than use some bot that just doesn’t have any idea who it is trading or the type of player you are. We like direct communication so our group is more fun and our servers are more enjoyable to play on vs other groups/servers.


Q: Can I renew my donator status early before time runs out?


A: Sure can as long as there are no issues pending with your VIP status such as submitted abuse reports which we will check and let you know when we can.


Q: When can I renew donator status if not allowed to after expiration has gone by?


A: In short –you can’t.  We just can’t allow anyone that represents the servers to annoy or chase users away on any level.  When you fill out our agreement form, validating you have read this document then you agree to our terms.  Be lucky you were allowed to live out your remaining donator status with us rather than having it terminated due to rules violations.


Q: Can I become a donator if I’ve been Trade Banned/Probation by Valve yet not SteamRep scam or caution tagged?


A: Nope – you get that removed and we will consider it at that point.


Q: Can I switch my VIP status from one account to another if I choose to not use that old account any longer or give it to a family member/friend/Alt Account?


A: No, we can’t allow that sort of transfer of usage as the form for which you digital sign with us is tied to the SteamID that we require and only that ID. You can sign up with VIP again on another qualified account if you choose to do so but no transfers.


Q: What are the benefits of donator status?


A: All of the benefits are for all our Trade Servers are broken up in Tiers for VIP such as [BaseVIP], [PlusVIP] and [ProVIP] as was mentioned earlier in this page. You get various of the following in each of those Tiers.



    Ability to Spawn Beach Balls – cool huh? (Please make sure you remove balls you spawn before leaving server by using the clean selection)


    Noclip and Godmode yourself.


    Enable Rainbow Text!!


    Each Tier has its own [BaseVIP][PlusVIP] or [ProVIP]


    Turn yourself into a Ghost!!!***


    RTD (roll the dice) has an 80/20 chance vs. 50/50 for rolling a GOOD option for donators!! (all Tiers!)


    Ability to toggle Unlimited Ammo on yourself!


   Ability to use Pyro Jetpack!


   Bouncing Projectiles (rockets, arrows and flares)


   Player Resizing - (Can change to pre-determined percentages of normal size in game with various body parts)


   Laser Pen (Lets you draw things on the walls or floors in the servers – customized menu for options!)


   Ad Immunity (You are immune and can click right thru our Ads you see when entering our servers (IF ENABLED).


   Able to change various colors of buildings as an Engineer when a VIP.


   Ability to adjust the speeds in which you taunt.


   Access to a customized taunt menu that allows you to use any of the game taunts (class restricted on some).


   Use of the Grappling Hook (Very unique feature here at WA just as a few other abilities!).


   Bumper Cars!! That’s right – enable bumper cars for use on yourself!!




Other features are toggle time bomb on yourself, Sentry Immunity, Sapper Immunity, Evil Glow, Evil Trail,

Evil Beam, adjust Gravity, Enable pre-assigned particle effects on various projectiles!! A few of these items are also found in the WickedAfterlife Token Shop – type !watokens or click HERE to learn more!

Many of our VIP abilities are CUSTOM MADE!! You will NOT find many of these available on other servers, in-fact you get way more abilities and options than any other group or server running!!



Q: How do I use my donator abilities?


A: Easy! If you are a VIP just type the following for each Tier:

·        [ProVIP] - /provip

·        [PlusVIP] - /plusvip

·        [BaseVIP] - /basevip


Donator Referrals:

You can get FREE time as whatever VIP status you currently hold (Details on Tier status below) per the referral you send us.


Upon successful signup of a [BaseVIP] – will get you 1 Week of whatever VIP status you hold!

Upon successful signup of a [PlusVIP] – will get you 2 Weeks of whatever VIP status you hold!

Upon successful signup of a [ProVIP] – will get you 1 Full Month of whatever VIP status you hold!


Rules for Donators:

·        Don’t be annoying – if people start to complain that means you’ve gone too far – time to back off!

·        Don’t use the Ghosting effect to constantly annoy others. ***

·        Do not disrupt the bosses – ie: stand in god mode in the middle of the map to let them beat on you vs doing what they should be doing.

·        Don’t use sentry immunity for example to destroy buildings that other team builds, goes for god mode and so on…it’s annoying!

·        Don’t disrupt other teams spawn exits when using any of these features.

·        Don’t be an ass…as in don’t annoy others with the abilities in a manner (I’m better than you mentality).  This pretty much means don’t sit in enemy spawn noclipped with unlimited ammo and jarate or milk players over and over.

·        Try to encourage and promote the servers – as a Donator you should be respectful and helpful to others.

·        We are a SteamRep Partner…if you get caught somewhere else scamming and tagged you will automatically be banned from our servers by the SteamRep system.  If you are Trade Banned by Valve your status will be removed till you can have that removed.  We can’t have donators as reported scammers on our server!  While you work to resolve the issue we will not retain the time left you donated so don’t scam – PERIOD!



More rules may be added as needed but for now just relax and above all don’t let the abilities go to your head, they are for you to use for fun, not for you to use against people as a way to rank up your strange items or annoy!


We are always looking to add more fun commands and options for donators every day thru extensive testing on the servers.


Disclaimer: Donators caught abusing commands, constantly pissing off others while using these fun features - will be removed from donator status and likely banned from the server with NO REFUNDS!!!


There are NO refunds or returns on keys, metal or craftables once you submit the agreement form and transfer the items. If for some reason you become unhappy with what is available or wish to no longer use the short once you are in,  you are in for the duration of that VIP time frame.


We reserve the right to switch any VIP perk from one Tier to another at any time without advanced notice.


We reserve the right to refuse donations from any user. If for some reason you’ve donated to us and we find an issue with your account we will trade you back the items. If something has happened to you and you disappear we will make notice on our group page that the items will be put up for raffle immediately and for what purpose.


We will on occasion give up to 3 warnings for abuse of VIP features - but keep in mind we reserve the right to revoke VIP status at any time if you violate any of the above rules or other circumstances that cause disruption to servers!


Warnings will most likely be bans for all servers… starting with 10-30mins then 24hours then 3 days, which after that point the next will not be a ban but a removal of your donator status no matter how much time you have remaining!


We are not responsible for issues caused by Valve/TF2 updates that effect/break the servers – please don’t complain to us…it’s not our fault Valve likes to break shit!


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Revised: 10/1/2015